Gig at the Kiviks fair 1970

THEN. A shame and a scandal. NOW. Vintage culture at it´s finest !
Here i am, in the back with my then girlfriend Ylva, at the start of my drumming career.
In the front, bass player Kristian Paulin and the master of ceremonies selling porn and girls at
The lady in the green polka dot dress,Yeah, she´s dressed for once, is show artist Laila.
Her speciality was doing her thing with two candles.

We´ve arrived at the site of decadence packing up our gear.
Little did we know of the horrors waiting for us.
Wine ,women and song. And everything else a young man craves.

Here´s funny guy MATS BAHR who sometimes got booed off stage with shouts of
"Bring on the dancing girls egghead". He didn´t like that much.
But being the trooper he was he got on with his show and would win over the rowdy crowd in the end.

This is what the local culture club was waiting for, some nice downhome lap dancing
Well ,ok , even some worse things would occur as the show moved along in that tent.

Before every show the girls was on parade up on that tiny stage outside of the showtent
And there were MANY shows during the day into the late evening.
LIve shows were permited in those days so i can imagen he had a tough day that guy on the right.
He said he used to sing with the band "Brooklyn mayor".
We played a rock´n roll song to get the attention of the punters.
But that´s what all the other shows did too so the noise level must have been way up.

Here´s one of our rivals. The "Colorado" show.
And all the usual girls, girls, girls.

Here´s the star of the Top Hat show!
Can´t remember her name but let´s call her Lolita.I think that fits.

Hey Melinda ! What´s a nice young girl like you doing at a place like this !
She´s probably a granny by now.

Ah ! The glamourous rock life.
What wouldn´t you do to be a part of that.
Better get rid of that rainwater so the rock life won´t get cut short by electrocution.

Here´s another of the shows at the fair.
I wonder who those guys in the band are ?
Probably some prog rockers making a fast extra buck.

Look at Melinda ! She´s even flirting with the MC ! Old habits die hard.
That guy had a thing with his hair. Under no circumstances were you allowed to touch it !
Could it have been a wig ?

My lovely then girlfriend Ylva. I wonder what became of her ?
Remember Nalle Knutsson ? Nalles Show ?
She used to be part of his "dancing girls" show. Fooling guys to buy overpriced drinks during the intermission.
For a commission naturally. And the girls drinks ended up in a flower pot.
"Can i have another one dear sir"?

Thanks for sharing this bit of culture with me.
Who knows , maybe i´ll make the 40th anniversary of this gig at Kiviks Marknad playing there again !
But probably without the dancing girls this time.