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Through the years thereīs been a few projects and bands for us
that never really got off the ground.
Iīd like to take this opportunity to share some of them with you.
Recordings , Live gigs, whatever that i think deserves to be heard
And if youīre interested, download and enjoy.

The PER CUSSION ALL STARS band in 1983
Very early hip-hop, rap and breakdance done swedish style.

Per Cussion All Stars Live 1983

Suite no. 1
Suite no. 2
Suite no. 3
Suite no. 4

Download or listen while you browse. Just click here for streaming sound.

Before we called ourselves Wasa Express there was Klara Express.The usual suspects plus
Bjarne Roupe and Ulf Adaker from EGBA and a VERY young Nils Landgren.
Just in from Degerfors to the big city of Stockholm.
We never released a record but we did some recordings at Decibel studios in 1975.
And here they are for your enjoyment ! Download or stream here

Klara Express 1975

Högerklicka och öppna i ny flik

On top of the world in New York City 1983.Or WTC to be more specific.
When Wasa took a long vacation in 1979 our guitar player Cary moved to New York and
tried to make a career.Among the things he did was a project called AVALANCHE in 1983.
Me on drums and Ellen Shaw did the vocals.That way i got to visit Electric ladyland studios
And also Deodatos studios located in New York.
Enjoy the results here.Itīs a bit Americanized from what we did with Wasa in Sweden.
But thatīs only natural i guess !

Avalanche 1983

You better get it right
Donīt let go
I want you

And then it was time for the "hair bands" of the 80's.
Quite an achivement for me since i didn't have hair, even back then
But a nice cap took care of my bald patch and i was ready to go.
BEDLAM, was the name of the band, but it had nothing to do with Cozy's merry men.
I guess we just didn't have much imagination.
We released a couple of records that didn't set the charts aflame
And the album we recorded never got a release, our label filed for bankrupcy after
just a few releases.And there we were , out in the cold again.
I think some tracks still holds up though.So if you have a soft spot for 80īs
hard rock, give it a try. You've got nothing to lose. Except some bandwidth.


Stream HERE

Fahrenheit 541
Hot Rocking
Going crazy, going wild
Lovebound train
Dancing fool
Gotta getaway
Sad and lonely
Take it to the top
You turn me on

Download or listen while you browse. Just click here for streaming sound.

Going back a LOOOOONG time now !

This is a live recording from the legendary Bullerbyn in Stockholm in 1976.
Janne Schaffer, guitar. Mads Vinding, bass. Harald Svensson, keyboard.Bertil Lofgren,trumpet
and yours truly at the drums ! Ake eriksson !

Live at Bullerbyn 1976

Streaming sound here or download underneath.

Blues no. 2
Funky Butt

Hereīs a group that never saw the light of day. On record anyway.
We did have a couple of gigs though
Samba and bossa nova Scandinavian style is that possible
Well it didnīt come out sounding like Astrud Gilberto or Jobim
How could it !
This is more like the Swedish bossa queens of the 60īs.
Sylvia Vrethammar and Lill Lindfors.
There was even a Sylvia tribute on the repertoire.
Sylvia come home
Since she had left us for the greener pastures of Germany and Bert Kaempfert.
I think thereīs some nice original songs in there.

Dig in to Bossa Rio in one swell streaming sweep here

Or download one by one


I morgon ar det mandag
Dansa samba med mig
Sylvia come home
Hor min samba
ABC of love
Ticke tack

And how about a detective medley for a bonus !

I spy for the FBI

Hereīs an album i recorded in 1977 with Coste Apetrea, Georg Wadenius and Stefan Nilsson
A nice mix of fusion, samba and even some reggae
Never re-issued.
Ockhams rakkniv
Dofter fran sveavagen
Stillsamma klicheer
Upp pa lillsvangen
Losnasor at konstaplarna

Back banging the drums for Kebnekaise on this album
This was when they started exploring the fusion field a bit more
So itīs a mix of their usual rock with a folk music twist and jazz-rock fusion
I guess thatīs why they hired me to help out, being the Billy Cobham of sweden :-)
Saab Mustang
Grabbarnas afton

Mats Glenngård.The violin player from Kebnekaise going solo 1980.
And thatīs me on the drums.
No violence

Here i am again ! From the Raggie album,
In a drumming mode,as usual, with Björn Json Lindh in 1976
Persian supermarket
Anniversary march

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